SGF Beta Program Terms and Conditions


The SGF Beta Program is open to all previous customers over the age of 18 that have made a purchase from SGF Devices, are willing to provide feedback on Beta Products, and are able to provide the feedback in clearly understandable English. By purchasing a Beta Product, the Participant agrees that they meet these requirements.

Some Beta Program Products may have eligibility criteria that requires having purchased a specific product before, due to compatibility requirements.

SGF does not discriminate based on age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other protected class. SGF has the right to revoke eligibility of any Participant at any time for any reason.


Unless specifically noted for a particular Beta Program Product, the following confidentiality terms are agreed to by each Participant when purchasing a Beta Program Product:

  • The Beta Product may be used by the Beta Program Participant in private and in public (such as at local tournaments, etc.)
  • The Beta Product may NOT be used at "major" tournaments (those with streaming viewership over 100 people on average, such as EVO, Combo Breaker, East Coast Throwdown, CPT qualifiers, etc.)
  • The Participant is strictly prohibited from:
    • Discussing the details of or their opinions on the Beta Product in any form or manner with anyone other than SGF employees and other participants within the same Beta Product Program without written approval from SGF. (Examples include pricing, colors/options, features, failures, etc.)
    • Sharing any images, videos, or descriptions of the Beta Product online in any form on any platform (except when communicating directly with SGF)
    • Giving the Beta Product to any other person
    • Allowing any other person to use the Beta Product without remaining present physically during the use of the Beta Product

These confidentiality terms are in effect in perpetuity, unless/until the final product is released for public sale by SGF, or SGF gives written notice of the terms being voided.


Beta Program Participants will generally be able to purchase Beta Program Products for at very discounted prices or for free. All Participants are responsible for paying shipping and handling fees on any Products, regardless of price. There are no refunds or exchanges on Beta Program Products for any reason.

Safety Considerations

By purchasing a Beta Product, Beta Program Participants agree to hold SGF harmless in any accident or injury of any kind that occurs while using any Beta Products. In the event of safety concerns, Beta Program Participants understand that they may be required to destroy or return their Beta Products to SGF (at SGF's expense) within 2 business days of receiving a request to do so and provide proof of the return or destruction.

Disputes/Governing Law

By purchasing a Beta Product, Beta Program Participants agree that these terms shall be governed under the laws of the State of Arizona, USA. Any and all disputes relating to these terms shall be settled within the State of Arizona.