Custom Artwork Printing

How to design for SGF custom artwork

All SGF custom artwork cases are compatible with BRIDGET (MX and TYPE F), FAUST, and ZAPPA PCBs using the same template. Simply design your artwork on the templates linked below and send it with your order.

Design Guidelines

Be sure to read all the way to the end of this entire page!

  • The magenta lines represent the boundaries your artwork must go to, the red lines represent bleed boundaries that your artwork should extend to, but will likely not be present in the final product you receive.
  • Do not send your artwork back to us with visible outlines unless they are layers that can be toggled on/off.
  • Please embed fonts and/or rasterize text
  • All custom artwork is printed on black cases. This means you will see some black edges around the controller, and the non-printed sides will be black.
  • If you'd like the same finish across the entire surface (100% matte or 100% gloss), no extra information is required in the template.
  • If you you like a selective gloss texture layer on top of a matte finish, you must submit a separate file with a grayscale version of only the glossThere's an example of this below.
  • If putting art on the back, the logos and other non-outline markings present in the template cannot be modified -- if you remove them, we'll still print them. This is for regulatory and legal reasons, and it cannot be changed under any circumstances.
  • ALL RASTERIZED ASSETS SHOULD BE AT LEAST 600PPI. We will not check this before printing, and lower resolutions could result in non-optimal results.
  • Vector based artwork is always preferred for this reason, but not required.
  • We can accept artwork returned to us in the following formats: PDF, EPS, AI, PSD. All other formats will be rejected.

Content Rules

  • SGF reserves the right to refuse printing any artwork for any reason, or no reason at all. If we refuse to print your artwork, you will be fully refunded.
  • As a general rule of thumb: if the content is not the kind of thing that could make it into a popular fighting game, don't submit it, or DO NOT SUBMIT ARTWORK THAT YOU WOULDN'T WANT FEATURED ON A STREAM AT AN ALL-AGES TOURNAMENT.
  • Artwork that is illegal in any jurisdiction SGF operates in or the customer's shipping destination may not be submitted.
  • All customers must confirm to SGF at time of submission that they hold the copyright to the artwork submitted and grant SGF a non-exclusive license to use the artwork for the purposes of producing their controller and promotion of SGF products.
  • Artwork depicting any of the following subject matter may not be submitted:
    • Nudity/Sexually explicit content
    • Realistic blood and gore (beyond the type you might see in a fighting game)
    • Sexualization of minors, real or fictitious
    • Hate speech of any kind, even if it's a joke/meme/etc.
    • Political messaging about specific parties/groups or candidates
    • Content that the submitter does not hold rights to reproduce
    • Trademarks/copyrights/logos of other corporations that the submitter does not hold the rights to