Meet The Team

CEO (Constructing Electronics Officer)


The founder and engineer, assembly monkey, and the guy you most often talk to at SGF

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Favorite Game: Power Stone 2

Mains: Bridget, Blanka

Favorite Food: Banana

Other hobbies: Making controllers, definitely not sleeping

Colorway of choice: Marble with magenta buttons

CMO (Chief Meme Officer)


Matt’s friend from college and our SVP of memes and social media.

Location: Nashville, TN

Favorite fighting game: KOF Maximum Impact 2

Mains: Soiree Meira, Chipp, Bang Shishigami, Cammy, Kim Kaphwan, Lee Chaolan

Favorite Food: Pepper and Gourd

Other Hobbies: Pepper and Gourd

Colorway of choice: All marble

CFO (Chief Fighting Officer)


A mutual friend of Matt and Andrew, and the only one of us that’s any good at fighting games. He is a hero.

Location: Innawoods

Favorite Game: Super Street Fighter II X — Grand Master Challenge (Arcade) (JP)

Mains: Old Honda, Lily, T.Hawk, Faust

Favorite Food: Chankonabe

Other Hobbies: Being a hero, saving lives

Colorway of choice: Yellow everything, like banbamna

Inventory manager, chief security officer


Matt's best friend and expert sniffer. If your package has a hair in it, it just means she inspected it before shipment.

Location: On patrol

Favorite Game: Keep the toy away from Matt

Mains: Tennis ball, rope, pink squeaky thing

Favorite Food: Anything she can reach

Other Hobbies: Sleeping, barking at the delivery person

Colorway of Choice: Sable