Meet The Team

CEO (Constructing Electronics Officer)


The founder and engineer, assembly monkey, and the guy you most often talk to at SGF. Used to be one of those Silicon Valley dudes doing gaming stuff at the big fruit company, but prefers bananas to their fruit.

Location: Nashville, TN

Favorite Game: Power Stone 2

Mains: Bridget, Blanka

Favorite Food: Nanner Puddin

Other hobbies: Making controllers, definitely not sleeping

Colorway of choice: Nanners LE!

CMO (Chief Meme Officer)


Matt’s friend from college and our SVP of memes and social media.

Location: Nashville, TN

Favorite fighting game: KOF Maximum Impact 2

Mains: Soiree Meira, Chipp, Bang Shishigami, Cammy, Kim Kaphwan, Lee Chaolan

Favorite Food: Pepper and Gourd

Other Hobbies: Pepper and Gourd

Colorway of choice: All marble

CTO (Chief (Fighting) Tech Officer)


A mutual friend of Matt and Andrew, and the only one of us that’s any good at fighting games. He is a hero.

Location: Innawoods

Favorite Game: Super Street Fighter II X — Grand Master Challenge (Arcade) (JP)

Mains: Old Honda, Lily, T.Hawk, Faust

Favorite Food: Chankonabe

Other Hobbies: Being a hero, saving lives

Colorway of choice: Yellow everything, like banbamna

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)


Matt's mama! She's been doing finances since before Matt was born, so she makes sure us monkeys know how to keep enough of these "dollar" things to pay our dumb "bills" without trading all of them for bananas.

Location: Gulf Coast

Favorite Game: Ms. Pac Man

Mains: Also Ms. Pac Man

Favorite Food: Seafood Gumbo, Banana Cream Pie

Other Hobbies: Knitting, Golf, Spending time with family

Colorway of choice: Whatever matches her outfit at the time

Inventory manager, chief security officer


Matt's best friend and expert sniffer. If your package has a hair in it, it just means she inspected it before shipment.

Location: On patrol

Favorite Game: Keep the toy away from Matt

Mains: Tennis ball, rope, pink squeaky thing

Favorite Food: Anything she can reach

Other Hobbies: Sleeping, barking at the delivery person

Colorway of Choice: Sable