MonKey B.U.T.T.s Instruction Guide


SGF MonKey B.U.T.T.s (Button, Universal, Top Tier) are designed to be a drop-in replacement for arcade buttons that use the same holes as Sanwa OBSF-24 and OBSF-30 buttons.

Do not assemble your MonKey B.U.T.T.s without reading this entire guide first. For proper installation, the parts must be assembled in a particular order.

Installation Video

Removal Video


Each button ordered ships with

  • 1 button body
  • 1 locking ring
  • 1 PCB
  • 1 switch
  • 1 button cap/plunger
  • 1 o-ring for button cap (not pictured, not included with V1 caps/switches)


Start by disassembling the controller to be used (if assembled) and removing any existing buttons to be replaced (if installed).
  1. Insert the empty button body into the hole for the button from the top of the enclosure
  2. Install the locking ring on the button body from the underside of the enclosure and tighten it fully
  3. Carefully slide the PCB into the body, making sure that the flat side of the PCB is facing upwards and the side with the mounted component is facing downwards, also ensuring that the PCB slides in straight and doesn't get misaligned. Do this slowly and do not bend the legs -- be sure to apply even straight pressure.

  4. Check to ensure that the PCB is fully inserted and the holes in the PCB and body are fully aligned. If they are not, gently remove the PCB and re-insert.

  5. From the top, insert the switch into the PCB and button body until it clicks, making sure that the two pins on one side of the switch are aligned with the black slots on the PCB for the pins.

  6. If not pre-installed, make sure to add the o-ring to the cap/plunger stem before continuing (not applicable to V1 switches)
  7. Align the stem of the cap/plunger with the stem of the switch and press it fully onto the switch (note: o-ring not pictured)

  8. Gently slide switch wire connectors onto PCB legs until fully seated


Start by disassembling the controller.
  1. Insert a tool into the hole in the bottom of the button to push the switch and cap out from the top together
  2. If desired, remove the cap from the switch by gently pulling them apart
  3. Gently pull the PCB out from the button body. Do not twist or bend the PCB. Keeping the wires attached may help to pull it out. It may also be helpful to rock it from side to side or use a tool in the center hole to slide it out from the top side.
  4. Unscrew the locking ring from the button body
  5. Remove the button body from the enclosure