Wingman FGC Availability

August 20, 2023

Starting immediately, our stock of Brook Wingman FGC converters is available at a discount exclusively to previous buyers of BRIDGET controllers, whether purchased through Etsy or our website directly. They are also available as bundle items with BRIDGET purchases going forward.

On September 1, 2023, a portion of the remaining stock of our Wingman FGC converters will be released for purchase by anyone that has not previously purchased a BRIDGET controller at regular MSRP.

If you purchased from Etsy

Please email with a request for us to make a passcode for you to purchase a Wingman FGC. You must include your Etsy order number and the email address you used for the order in this request. We will manually create a passcode for you to use with the steps below that will grant you access to purchase the Wingman FGC. You can use this same passcode as a discount code at checkout to get your discount, as well. Depending on volume of requests, it may take a few days for us to generate all of these codes, but we will be doing it as quickly as possible, and we will ensure you are able to get your Wingman FGC. Thank you in advance for being patient.

Instructions for ordering

  • If you purchased from our website and not Etsy, ensure you're logged into the account you purchased your BRIDGET with
  • Visit our Wingman FGC product page
  • The page will prompt you for a passcode
    • If you purchased from Etsy, we will provide you with a passcode as described above
    • If you purchased directly from our website, your passcode is the email address you used for your order
    • Should this passcode not work, please contact us at and include your order number
  • Add the Wingman FGC to cart
  • Wingman FGC units are limited to 1 per order
  • At the cart, enter "BRIDGETFGC" for a coupon code -- this will give you a $10 USD retroactive bundle discount.
    • If you purchased from Etsy, enter the passcode we gave you to access the page as a discount code instead.
  • Checkout and your Wingman will ship within 1-2 business days.

Thanks, fam


Love, SGF