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SGF Bridget PE

SGF Bridget PE

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SGF Bridget is back with a new DLC outfit -- USB Passthrough

  • All of the same great features as BRIDGET 「TYPE F」plus some from Faust
  • Added USB Passthru port for PS4/PS5/XSX compatibility*
  • Added 3.5mm port for external L3/R3 foot switches
  • Includes a tournament lockout switch for the top 6 option buttons

The SGF Bridget PE stickless controller is based on the open source flatbox design by jfedor. At SGF, we were looking for a high quality low cost controller ideal for travel and tournament use with easy parts availability for the current chip shortage era. It was the perfect fit, so we built some for us and our friends, and now we'd like to build more for you and yours! If you'd like to skip the hassle of building your own, you can buy one premade from SGF Devices. Our devices also include some updates to the 3D printed case to add additional durability and user serviceability. Our modifications are available freely for anyone to create or modify on our Github ( The user manual is in the Support section and includes basic documentation on the firmware, options, and servicing/parts.

The controller is compatible with XInput (PC/Steam Deck), DirectInput (PS3), PS4/5, XSX, and Nintendo Switch input protocols and can be customized to your own liking if you wish, but it works just great out of the box for all of your favorite fighting games and includes multiple options for SOCD (U+D=neutral by default). It is compatible with popular Brook converters for other consoles. USB cable is not included.

*Special notes on PS4/5 and XSX compatibility: requires the use of an authentication device that is not included in the passthru port (such as Mayflash MagicBoots or Brook Wingman FGC, or a licensed PS4 arcade stick). Without correct passthru device, the controller will time out after 8 minutes. See the GP2040-CE documentation for more info.

SGF Bridget PE now also introduces SGF's new accessibility port! This is a 3.5mm TRS jack located near the USB-C port that can be used to plug in external inputs for the L3/R3 buttons, such as foot pedals or many other digital switch inputs. The kick pedal DI has arrived! GO APE ON YOUR OPPONENTS; USE YOUR HANDS AND FEET!

A tournament mode lockout switch is present on the top of the device that disables START, SELECT, HOME, TOUCHPAD, L3, and R3 buttons built into the controller when enabled. This allows you to use external L3 and R3 buttons while remaining tournament legal, and can help prevent those embarrassing DQs from accidentally pausing mid-match.

The premade controller includes a professionally manufactured PCB assembled with authentic Kailh Choc (v2) switches that are socketed for easy solder-free swapping/replacement/cleaning, a high quality 3D printed case with tool-less disassembly, rubber feet to prevent slippage during the sweatiest of sessions, and a USB-C port for connection to any of your fighting platforms.

All units are tested by hand just before shipping to ensure you get a great first time experience, but if you have any issues we'll make it right with a 30 day warranty and hassle free returns.

Please note: because the plastic parts of the controller are 3D printed, there may be very minor inconsistencies to each individual unit. We *do not* sell or ship B-stock, blemished, or "cosmetically deficient" units, so any device you buy here will be the highest quality 3D print available.

Dimensions: 218mm wide, 140mm deep, 15mm thick (12mm not including button travel)
Weight: approx 240-250g (individual units may vary slightly) not including cable

Made in Mashville, TN, USA by monkeys with love and globally sourced parts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dustin Huynh
First Leverless

Bought and made my first swap from keyboard to Bridget and loving it!

Mike Baker
Very good start

It's a good controller. It's 3D printed so you have to accept what comes with that. Everything is textured, the case flexs as you pick it up... It's printed plastic. It's functionality is exactly as described and plays well. Never noticed an issue with connectivity or inputs. It's a smaller size pad. I'm a 34 year old man, the button layout is just too cramped for me. Using this as an entry, I bought a more solid and larger controller from a different supplier. My wrist pain went away nearly instantly.

Don't let the fact that I bought a different controller dissuade you. This is a great controller. I'll be keeping it around as my travel controller when at tournaments or events, it's just too small for my daily driver. My hands are larger than average. If that weren't the case, I wouldn't have bought anything else.

A. B.
SGF Bridget Type F is amazing.

Purchased as a gift for a friend. They love it! I'll get another for more friends in the future. Thank you!

Daniel Capobianco

SGF Bridget 「TYPE F」


These guys are on the cutting edge and doing so at a great price!

I got it for the art, and that alone is worth it.

The buttons and the layout is also perfect. This creative crew are well worth supporting.