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SGF MonKeys Button Caps

SGF MonKeys Button Caps

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Many moons ago, apes learned to use tools. Then many moons later, 3D printers. Now the apes have mastered magic: we’re turning DUST and LASERS into BUTTONS for your CONTROLLER.

SGF MonKeys are laser-sintered from durable PA-12 nylon, the same material used to make power tools. We heard our fans loud and clear: these buttons are available in MX/Choc v2 stems, as well as Choc v1 stems, for full compatibility across any leverless controller using mechanical keyboard switches, and many drop-in button styles using the same switches (like SiTong ST-LP). 

Enjoy 20% off a full set of 12 or more buttons - our math chimps tell us that’s like getting two buttons for free with a set of 10! Just like FAUST and BRIDGET 「TYPE F」 SGF MonKeys are Made in the USA, with love, by real* monkeys. 

SGF MonKeys are inspired by arcade history and come in three distinct surface styles: 

  • Flat, like the 🦧 original Flatbox style buttons
  • Convex, similar to Japanese 🇯🇵 Arcade buttons 
  • Concave, similar to American 🇺🇸 Arcade buttons

And available in two sizes, comparable with a number of popular leverless layouts:

  • Large, at 25.2mm diameter
  • Small, at 20mm diameter

Flex your custom controller with a sharp set of Dressed Up buttons in any solid color (or a full art print, available only on SGF custom controllers/replacement shells). Or show off a set of Nekkid MonKeys - all-natural, raw laser-sintered plastic goodness. 

Product Details

  • Crafted with Nylon, Lasers, and Monkey Love in the USA 🇺🇲
  • Lowest possible height profile - the perfect modification for slim leverless controllers.
  • Not transparent, but will allow enough clearance around the edges in most fightsticks and leverless pads for RGB lighting around the edges.
  • Fully compatible with most controllers that utilize Kailh Choc v1, Choc v2, or Cherry MX style keyboard switches (like MPress, Mavercade, Granola, Haute42). Be sure to select the right stem for your controller and measure to make sure they will fit
  • Three surface styles inspired by classic arcade controls:
    • Convex buttons with a rounded top, similar to Japanese candy cab & sit-down cabinet buttons
    • Flat surfaced buttons, for a distinctively 3D printed DIY feel
    • Concave, “scooped” buttons with an inward curvature, similar to American style arcade cabinet buttons
  • Available in two sizes, to align with leverless button profiles. 
    • Large, the “up” / “jump” button - surface measures 25.2mm diameter
    • Small, the “standard” button - surface measures 20mm diameter
  • Comes “Dressed Up” in a full range of solid colors, “Nekkid” without any surface coloration, or available as a package with a BRIDGET 「TYPE F」 or FAUST case for art printed directly across the surface and all button tops.
  • Important: Does not fit original BRIDGET/BRIDGET MX cases (there will be a small gap around the edges). We strongly recommend getting a replacement 「TYPE F」case for use with BRIDGET.

No refunds. Exchanges are accepted for damage/failures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jamie Kikilidis

SGF MonKeys Button Caps

Feels nice, looks good

I've gained LP in every session I've played using the MonKeys Button Caps.

Timothy Seid
Great caps

The convex caps are pretty solid and are a great replacement cap for controllers that use mx style switches (chocs too). The material surface has more of a texture feel than your average arcade button but they feel good while in use. These also fixed my problem with some leverless controllers on the market having their default caps make the switches feel mushy. The color options are pretty good too with having different colors that I have not seen with arcade buttons. Overall would recommend these.

The nylon keycaps yet!

I highly recommend the Japanese Arcade Button style convex, personally! High quality nylon keycaps with a great finish, and they even work with other devices/buttons like SiTongs!


Look and feel great! The nylon caps are very well made and remove easily without snapping off in the choc v1 switches. SGF gives off a solid impression as a business that cares about what they are doing. It shines through from their communication, their packaging, as well as their actual product.

I finally pulled the trigger on getting a Bridget, based on the ability to put art directly on the unit and their really greaf nylon caps!