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10ft braided USB A-to-C cable

10ft braided USB A-to-C cable

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It's a cable, for your controller. Nothing special -- if you already have one, you don't need this one. But it's pretty solid, anyway. Grab it if ya need one.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
johnny melucci
Great controller for the price

The controllers been great to use would give it a five star but have to settle with four stars cause when I first received my controller the punch button was not working turns out the switch had a bent pin and I had to bend it back into place but it works great now so minor thing but been a great controller nonetheless

Max Phillips
Budget Life Saver

An amazing and well designed budget flatbox that has feels great to use and a great company to back it up. The feeling of the switches and the easy to customize design are the best parts in my opinion. A couple of issues i have were the caps, the 3d printing wasnt a problem but the edges for me make it difficult to do anything involving sliding. Another was with the option buttons being very hard to press when i first got the device. Other than that tho this is probably the best cheap flatbox you can get right now that isnt on ali express. I will definitely support them in the future if any more designs or products come out.

Joshua L
Looks cool but not durable

The metal connection at the end is just protruding too much. My controller slid slowly off my lap and fell not even 1 ft onto a pillow and bent it enough that I started getting disconnects and a permanent bend. Wouldn’t recommend.

Edgardo Inatti
Very Good Not Perfect.

A very god Cable very flexible and long enough for a pc player


It's a cable. Does what it says on the tin.