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SGF MonKey B.U.T.T.s

SGF MonKey B.U.T.T.s

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MonKey B.U.T.T.s Instruction Manual

Many moons ago, apes learned to use tools. Then many moons later, 3D printers. Now the apes have mastered magic: we’re turning DUST and LASERS into BUTTONS for your CONTROLLER.

SGF MonKey B.U.T.T.s (Button, Universal, Top Tier) are the next evolution of our award-winning* MonKey button caps. Each MonKey B.U.T.T. includes a body, retention ring, and cap that are laser-sintered from durable PA-12 nylon -- the same material used to make power tools -- as well as a noise dampening o-ring, Kailh Choc switch, and a custom PCB to interface between the switch and your favorite PCB.  

The MonKey B.U.T.T.s are available in two sizes:

  • 30mm - a drop-in replacement for Sanwa OBSF-30 sized buttons
  • 24mm - a drop-in replacement for Sanwa OBSF-24 sized buttons

Caps/plungers are available in three distinct surface styles: 

  • Flat, like the 🦧 original Flatbox style buttons
  • Convex, similar to Japanese 🇯🇵 Arcade buttons 
  • Concave, similar to American 🇺🇸 Arcade buttons

Flex your custom controller with a sharp set of Dressed Up B.U.T.T.s in any solid color (or a full art print, coming soon). Or show off a set of Nekkid MonKey B.U.T.T.s - all-natural, raw laser-sintered plastic goodness. 

Product Details

  • Crafted with Nylon, Lasers, and Monkey Love in the USA 🇺🇲
  • Lowest possible height profile - the perfect modification for slim leverless controllers.
  • PCBs hotswap compatible with Kailh Choc v1 or v2 switches
    • Ships with caps matching stem of switch you order -- if you want different cap stems you can order them separately or note at checkout that you want a different stem
  • Three surface styles inspired by classic arcade controls:
    • Convex buttons with a rounded top, similar to Japanese candy cab & sit-down cabinet buttons
    • Flat surfaced buttons, for a distinctively 3D printed DIY feel
    • Concave, “scooped” buttons with an inward curvature, similar to American style arcade cabinet buttons
  • Available in two sizes, to align with common arcade button sizes
    • 30mm - a drop-in replacement for Sanwa OBSF-30 sized buttons
      24mm - a drop-in replacement for Sanwa OBSF-24 sized buttons
  • Comes “Dressed Up” in a full range of solid colors, or “Nekkid” without any surface coloration.

No refunds. Exchanges are accepted for damage/failures.

*Awards won by SGF MonKeys: "Best Button Cap My Son Made in 2024" from Matt's mom.
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